Colin Selig

Ecological Sculptor

Public Art

2024     Muttville dog themed seating

          Client:  Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, San Francisco, CA

2023     Discovery Park wildlife benches

          Client:  City of Meridian, ID

2023            Fayette Park biomorphic sculptures

          Client:  City of Mountain View, CA

2022            Randle Elemetary School mascot sculpture

          Client:  Dept. General Services, Washington DC

2022     Savikko Park seating

          Client:  The City of Juneau, AK

2022     Plaza sculpture

          Client:  Monday Properties, Alexandria, VA

2022     Lonnie Green Park biomorphic seating

          Client:  City of Sugar Land, TX

2021     Placemaking streetscape seating

          Client:  City of Limon, CO

2021     Newport Beach Civic Center Sculpture Exhibition

          Client:  City of Newport Beach, CA

2020     Clover Park biomorphic sculpture

          Client: City of Dublin, CA

2020     Regions Hospital Birth Center patio seating

          Client:  HealthPartners Inc., St. Paul, MN

2020     St. Andrew Drive bike path seating

          Client:  City of North Liberty, IA

2019     Key West pedestrian mall seating

          Client: City of Key West, FL

2019     Interstate 244 Tulsa pedestrian overlook seating

          Client: Vicki Scuri Siteworks , DOT Oklahoma

2019     ARTLine bike trail sculpture and seating

          Client:  City of Malden, MA

2019     Dunne Park climbable seating

          Client:  City of Hollister, CA

2019     Miller Avenue streetscape seating

          Client:  City of Mill Valley, CA

2019     Lincoln Square shopping center seating

          Client:  Terramar Retail Centers, Oakland, CA

2019     The Freight Yard mixed-use exterior seating

          Client:  Blue Dog Investments, Tallahassee, FL

2018     Wildlife museum exterior grounds sculpture and seating

          Client: Lindsay Wildlife Experience, Walnut Creek, CA

2018     Gastro pub entrance seating

          Client:  City of Grand Prairie, TX

2017     Teen Center sculpture and seating

          Client: County of Los Alamos, NM

2017     Hospital entry patio seating

          Client: Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN

2017     Napa Art Walk sculpture

          Client: City of Napa, CA

2016     University Avenue streetscape seating

          Client: City of Palo Alto, CA

2016     Marathon Courthouse courtyard seating

          Client: Monroe County, FL

2016     Rural state highway 62 streetscape seating

          Client: Town of Ridgway, DOT Colorado

2016     Public Library entrance patio seating

          Client: City of Moraga, CA

2015     Theatre Square & Community Center streetscape seating

          Client: City of Orinda, CA

2014     Pop Up Park seating

          Client: City of Morgan Hill, CA

2012-14     Neiman Marcus furnishings, 14 locations including:

          Beverly Hills, Washington, Chicago, San Diego & Dallas


Awards / Honors

2021     CODAworx Top 25 "Creative Revolutionaries"                                    advancing changes in the arts

2012     American Society of Landscape Architects

          Most Interesting Products Award

2012     Smithsonian Craft Show

          Exhibitors’ Choice Gold Award

2013     Eco Arts Awards

          2nd Place, Repurposed Materials in Art & Design

2012     Spark Design Awards

          Spark:Concept Finalist  

2011     Core77 Design Awards

          Runner Up, DIY category


2013     US D 683,146         

          Design patent: Propane tank bench

2013     US D 683,147         

          Design patent: Propane tank chaise bench

2013     US D 683,148         

          Design patent: Propane tank lips bench

2014     US D 716,572         

          Design patent: Propane tank asymmetric backless      bench

2015     US D 721,237         

          Design patent: Propane tank club chair

2018     US 9,901,178 B2     

          Utility patent: Methods for making seating from pressure                     vessels