Colin Selig

Sculpture + Sustainable Design

This artist initiated exhibition, in collaboration with the Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Center for the Arts and The City of Walnut Creek, featured five seats at various locations, including this off set backless bench in Veteran's Memorial Park, a space designed by Cliff Garten.



Organized by A New Leaf Gallery, this was a three year exhibition at Cornerstone Sonoma, a mixed use commercial property with retail shops, demonstration gardens and event facilites leased for weddings and other gatherings.



As the City of Morgan Hill renovates a series of lots in its downtown area it has created a temporary pop up park which can be moved from one vacant lot to the next as development progresses. The City purchased a series of portable elements, including large trees, children's play blocks and a variety of colorful seating made by area artists. After a lease/trial period of a year The City purchased three of Colin's benches, including a red asymetric bench, brown club chair and yellow offset backless bench.  Eventually the seats will be installed permanently in one of The City's public parks.