Colin Selig

Sculpture + Site Furnishings

How limited is the production of these designs?

The studio produces a small number of works annually.  Some designs are one-offs while others are reproduced in very limited editions.  Each piece is hand made and contains unique details.  All works are signed and dated by the artist.

Are custom sizes and designs available?

Yes, all work is made to order.  

How can I find pricing information?

Please contact my studio with details about your project and we will give you a quote including freight.  

Do these seats become too hot to sit on when installed in direct sun?

It depends on the climate and the color.  A dark color in direct sunlight at 95 degrees (F) will be too hot to sit on, but a light color will not.  Partial and full shade locations are better for darker colors in climates where summer temperatures regularly exceed 95 degrees.

What are the coating options?

Most pieces are coated in an architectural grade powder-coat.  Additional finishing options include galvanizing or just leaving the pieces raw.  Anti-graffiti sealers are available as a top coat over powder-coat.

Are these seats ADA compliant?

Yes, they are compliant with the regulations for outdoor seating as specified in the Americans for Disabilities Act.   Additionally, all of the seat designs can be adjusted to meet head entrapment standards for public installations.

What is your warranty?

All works come with a 25 year limited warranty on the structure.  The warranty on the powder-coating varies between 5-8 years, depending on the manufacturer, although it should last 10-20 years.  When required, the piece can be re-coated at a reasonable cost.

What is your lead time?

8 weeks is typical, however the size of an order, as well as the current workload in the studio influence timing.  There is also an inventory of completed works available.