Climate Conscious Sculpture + Site Furnishings

Colin Selig

Colin Selig creates eco-friendly site elements that range from functional seating to biomorphic sculpture. His seating designs include contemporary riffs on furniture from Victorian and Mid Century eras. His sculptures are whimsical and human scaled, inviting interaction from people of all ages.

Colin’s process is to repurpose large propane tanks, a readily available source of scrap steel. The tanks are carefully dissected and the pieces reassembled, with no additional reshaping of the material, a process with a minimal carbon footprint that produces durable objects which contain 99% post-consumer reused content. Colin has been granted a series of design and utility patents to protect the originality of his work.

Colin has completed numerous public art commissions across the US for streetscapes, public parks and plazas, museums, healthcare facilities and retail properties.  His work has been honored with national awards for its innovative and technical qualities including the ‘Most Interesting Products Award’ from the American Society of Landscape Architects and the ‘Exhibitor’s Choice Gold Award’ at the Smithsonian Craft Show.  Colin was honored to be named by CODAworx as one of 2021 top 25 “Creative Revolutionaries” leading changes forward in the arts.

His work’s durability and sustainable design make it ideal for the public realm. His hope is that it inspires others to consider new possibilities for reusing materials.