Colin Selig

Sculpture + Site Furnishings

Squirrel, 2017

Squirrel is a whimsical, biomorphic sculpture which takes on different animal-like forms depending on one’s viewing angle. Made entirely from scrap propane tanks, Squirrel is intended to inspire its audience to consider new possibilities for reusing materials.


Pentarachnid, 2017

The legs of this five legged spider are deliberately shaped like human fingers to give it an anthropomorphic dimension. The Caterpillar yellow color pays homage to the reused material’s previous rural existence. It's part of a series of sculptures that explore repurposing the tanks into organic forms.

Andromedan, 2017

Andromedan's orange color is a nod to Calder.

Lagomorph, 2017

Studies have indicated that climate change threatens more than two-thirds of rabbit species.

Chair?, 2017

With it's function ambiguous, Chair? explores the boundary between fine art and design.  The viewer is left to wonder whether it's a chair or a sculpture.

Lumispheres #1-3, 2017

As the County of Los Alamos was making streescape improvements to the block in front of the Community Building, these sculptures were commissioned for pedestals along the entrance pathway.  The sculptures have programmable LED lighting, giving them an additional presence at night.

Shelf Sculptures, 2012-14

These shelf top sculptures, made from scrap five gallon propane tanks, were commissioned by Neiman Marcus as interior furnishings for fourteen of their stores across the US including Beverly Hllls, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, St. Louis and San Diego. Each hand cut sculpture is unique. Functionally, they can be rotated end over end into various positions, allowing the retailer to easily and frequently change the look of their displays.